Riina Vuorikari


Dr. Vuorikari is the lead investigator for DigComp 2.2. Her work focuses on developing better understanding of knowledge, skills and attitudes that help citizens engage confidently, critically and safely with digital technologies, including AI systems. She joined the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in 2013 where she contributes to research and policy support in the field of digital education and skills’ development. Her other themes cover areas such as Teacher Professional Development and Learning, Educational Makerspaces and AI in Education. Ms. Vuorikari has degrees in education (M.Ed in 1998 in Finland) and hypermedia (DEA in 1999 in France). Her PhD is from the Dutch research school for Information and Knowledge Systems (2009). Since 1999, she works in the field of digital education. Her main interest is dealing with issues related to the adoption of new technologies and innovation in education.


“DigComp 2.2 helping shape the education ecosystem in Europe”


The keynote will focus on the DigComp 2.2 update and it will additionally reference a number of other recent research by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on digital education.